For easier finding desired data on list, use data filtering.

How to filter data? - In every panel where data can be filtered, 'Filter' tab is active. To start creating new filter, switch 'Menu' tab to 'Filter' on left side of the screen. You'll see form with data fields related to object charasteristics. After pressing 'Filter' button data list will be reloaded according to criteria chosen by you. Filters are also available in column headline menu.

Saving filters - Every filter you defined can be saved for later use. To do so, simply press 'Save' button, input created filter name which will be visible in menu below related panel name.

Using saved filters - After saving filter, it will be available directly from menu, below related panel name. Clicking on its name will display data according to filter criterias.

Filter edition - To change saved filter simply changed its properties and save it again using the same name.

Filter name change - Move cursor over option icon, left to filter name and choose 'Change name' option from scrolldown menu.

Removing filter - Move cursor over option icon, left to filter name and choose 'Delete' from scrolldown menu.

Setting filter as default - Move mouse cursor over option icon left to filter name and choose 'Set as default' from scrolldown menu. Since then given filter will be selected by default on first click on main category link.