To create new task click on task creation button in upper right corner. In popup window you can input task name, priority, describe task goals and assign users. Assigned user will be immediately notified that the task has been created and can start begin working on it. You can also assign few employees to one task. Firmao provides useful tools, like creating hierarchy of tasks and subtasks and automatic designation of parent tasks statuses. Tasks can be related with projects, customers or equipment.

Access permissions to tasks assigned to project - Access permissions depend on the given user is assigned to the project. Team members and managers see all tasks related with project, can modify them and create new. Users not assigned to project or team members with limited access see only tasks directly assigned to them and can only modify Status, Planned execution time, Planned date of beginning and finish data fields. They can also add comments.

Access permisions to tasks assigned to customer - Such tasks can be browsed and modified only by salespersons.

Access permissions to tasks related to company equipment - Such tasks can be viewed and modified by people resposible for equipment assigned to given task and by equipment users.

Access permissions to unrelated tasks - In permissions settings menu there is field called 'Users who have access to tasks unrelated to project / equipment / customer' - in this field you can decide, which users can have access to this type of tasks.
User Guide - Work Scheduling:
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