News - Firmao - version 1.0

We have pleasure to officially announce Firmao.

In first version you'll find two modules: tasks and projects management and work time records.

  • Projects and tasks management:
    • Multilevel hierarchy of tasks - ability to freely divide projects into tasks and subtasks
    • Flexible tasks work model - ability to group tasks into projects
    • Complex management of users permissions to access projects
    • Complex management of users permissions to access tasks (also on project level)
    • Full integration with work times tracking system start using
    • Full integration with other system services
    • Assigning statuses, priorities, required tasks realisation dates
    • Automatic task realisation status change based on subtasks
    • Ability to assign permissions to access tasks on company, project, task and subtask level.
    • Ability to assign any amount of users to task
    • Ability to add any specific for your company custom additional data fields related to tasks and projects
    • Tracking of task realisation statuses
    • Changelog, ability to restore deleted tasks
    • Automatic notifications about changes
    • Varied, editable filters used for displaying tasks
    • Complex reports system with advanced filtering option
  • Work time records and management:
    • Employee time recording (timesheet)
    • Supervision of tasks currently performed by employees and work time spent on them
    • Planning work time of full-time, part time, hired on contract and flexible working hours employees
    • Planning and supervision of tasks realisatoin times
    • Full integration with tasks and projects managementstart using
    • Full integration with other services
    • Calendar containing work times
    • Complex reports system including advanced filtering

Firmao CRM - Customer Relationships Management system . Makes possible gathering in one place data of present and potential customers, assign and supervise tasks related with their service, record data related with contacts, transactions and marketing actions.

Firmao invoicing - online invoicing system. Enables efficient management of actions related with issuing, archiving and supervising of payment of VAT invoices and company bills.

Firmao assets management is easy to use module used for stocktaking company equipment. Allows for running complex records of equipment and all related actions. Also enables gathering data of typical malfunctions and problems connected with given equipment and ways to handle them.

Log in to your Firmao account and see how you can use new functions! Your opinion is important to us - we're open for all changes, upgrades or modifications suggestions!