News - Firmao 4.0 version

We are proud to release new Firmao version (4.0). Most of added functionalities are realised suggestions from our customers:

  • Flexible choice of licenses assigned to users, allowing for optimization of Firmao using costs.
  • Bids and offers.
  • Stock documents.
  • Stock state management.
  • Editable reports, invoices, offers, stock documents templates can be modified using free editor
  • Sharing transactions data with accounting offices providing services for our customers.
  • Email templates.
  • Ability to assign new access authorisations allowing for defining new data access levels for users.
  • Even better email integration.
  • Even better VoIP integration.
  • Even better handling of recently used objects.
  • Increased to 10GB online file storage space.
  • Simplified handling of tasks and work times. Faster choosing of actual task.