News - Firmao 6.0 version

We are proud to announce release of 6.0 version of our business software system.

Below is the list of most important changes:
  • Product versions.
  • Better transaction templates.
  • Printing emails.
  • Ability to assign contacts (filtered by customers) to tasks, projects, equipment, transactions, offers and stock documents.
  • Defining discount for transactions, offers, stock documents and customers.
  • Individual discount for customers.
  • New transaction payment types.
  • 'NOT condition' filtering.
  • Attachments related to users.
  • Better usability and interface of tasks statuses.
  • Better usability on Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices (smartphones and tablets).
  • Using fiscal printer as additional feature - contact us.
  • Tracking status of sent email message.
  • Data import including tags.
  • Issuing invoices, offers and stock documents from detailed view and list view of contacts.
  • Even better attachment usability.
  • User last login date.
  • Automated tagging of unpaid transactions with exceeded payment date.