News - Firmao 7.0 version

We are proud to announce release of 7.0 version of our business software system. We implemented many new, suggested by users features which we hope will contribute to your company success in New Year 2013.

List of most important changes:
  • Sale and purchase contracts
  • Automatic currency conversion
  • Implementation of barcodes in reports
  • Automatic notifications for users related to new tasks, email messages and reminders
  • Multiple bank accounts
  • Simplified usage of work time records
  • Ability to limit access to reports for chosen users
  • New access authorisation - Salespeople with access to their customers tasks
  • Creating bids from offers and offers from bids
  • Outdated tasks are marked red
  • Better assignment email messages to customers received from unknown addresses but known domains
  • Printing reports, envelopes only for chosen records on the list
  • Assigning specified templates to individual invoices, offers, bids
  • Payment demand
  • Email messages drafts
  • Better IMAP usability. Folder names are based on mail server data.
  • Standard annotaion field is now available for invoices, bids, offers and stock documents
  • Import of bids, orders and invoices data
  • New unit for products: set, pair
  • Updating of paid or unpaid amount on invoice
  • Statuses related to bids and offers
  • Offer template with product picture
  • Exporting bid/offer to MS Word
  • Even better user experience on mobile devices