News - Firmao 8.0 version

We are proud to announce release of 8.0 version of our business software system. New version includes many new features suggested by users. We are still waiting for more propositions.

Most important changes are:
  • Feature allowing for fast serial change of listed records.
  • Task and subtasks structure view on lists
  • Even better email integration
  • Faster email searching
  • Google Maps integration
  • Ability to assign producer and contact person to product
  • Faster customer creation using customer data download feature
  • Added information about used attachment space.
  • Additional custom data fields can now be lists of values
  • Ability to define additional custom data field as required
  • Better display of long texts in data fields
  • Better Firmao usability on mobile devices
  • Increase in Firmao working speed
  • Email notifications in projects
  • Button for fast email invoice sending and PDF download
  • Comments edition
  • Skype integration
  • Ability to ignore duplicated records while importing customers and products
  • Propability of accepting offer and expected income