News - Firmao 9.0 version

We are proud to announce release of 8.0 version of our business software system. New version includes many new features suggested by users. We are still waiting for more propositions.

Most important changes are:
  • Agreements feature allowing for regular automated issuing of invoices
  • Better interface navigation in objects detail view
  • Creating price groups for products
  • Defining individual prices for customer
  • Information board for easier communication
  • Creating variants of offers
  • Easier creation of invoices, bids and orders using new fields: income, purchase price, mark-up
  • Task in calendar can also show data such as related customer and contact person
  • Even better management of customers who are natural person
  • Automatic assignment of incoming and outcoming emails to tasks
  • Issuing invoice related to receipt
  • Products entered into invoice, bid or offer are now suggested when user starts entering its code
  • Access to tasks, salesnotes, invoices and more directly from customer's list view
  • Android smartphones and tablets app synchronising tasks and reminders with device built-in calendar
  • Button for fast email invoice sending and PDF download
  • Emails autoresponder
  • Increased security due to recording user's IP address in changelog
  • Ability to create IP addresses filter which can be used for loggin in
  • Inserting images into emails using drag&drop (Firefox only)
  • Automatic creation of stock documents
  • Automatic update of bids statuses
  • Sorting comments in details view
  • New notifications which can be delayed for 1h or 24h
  • Yearly report of user's work times by month
  • New possibilities in creation of filters