Good practices in the implementation of the ERP system

Good practices in the implementation of the ERP system

The key to a successful ERP implementation is, above all, the company’s involvement.

The implementation should also be the responsibility of the ERP provider (e.g. user training or system testing), but it is worth “keeping your finger on the pulse” and maintaining some good practices when implementing ERP software.

Below are some activities that are worth implementing.

  • It is worth appointing a company team responsible for the ERP implementation process. It must consist of leaders of individual substantive areas covered by the implementation.
  • Organize training for future ERP users. Let’s give them a chance to get to know the new system before it goes live.
  • Take care of ordering and proper data migration. It is very important that the new solution includes archival information – we can later use it, for example, for analytical purposes.
  • Before starting to use the new ERP software, it is worth carrying out the necessary tests, and at the start, constantly monitor the new system in order to eliminate any possible defects.
  • After implementing an ERP solution, it is worth continuing to analyze the current needs of the company and adapt the way ERP works to the changing business environment and possible new needs of the organization.

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