Which CRM should you choose? 10 things a good CRM system should have


The implementation of a functional IT system in the company, which will significantly contribute to the development of the company, is a very important issue.

However, in view of the huge number of solutions and diverse needs, the investment in the best system is not easy.

So what characterizes a good CRM system and what should it do to fully meet our expectations?

1. Collecting contractor data

The CRM system should not only be your database where you will find all the necessary information about customers and business partners. It should also be expanded with useful tools, such as:

  • the ability to assign multiple addresses to one person,
  • remembering former employees,
  • creating features for contractors and contact persons,
  • the possibility of assigning a sales representative to the customer.

2. Planning, coordinating and supervising the work

A good CRM system is one that has a built-in calendar. When considering which CRM to choose, you should decide on one that allows you to add tasks and events, assign them to specific employees and add permissions. In short – there should be a command center, thanks to which we will not only develop an action plan, but also receive reports on what has been achieved and what needs to be postponed. An important function of the system is also the ability to define authorizations.

3. Sales management

CRM should enable standardization of offers and comprehensive management of all stages of sales. It should also facilitate placing orders, allow for reporting, planning and recording all activities. All this to make the sales process run more efficiently than before.

4. Generating reports

A good CRM system is also one that allows you to quickly generate a report – both for the management board and for salespeople. It should provide ready-made reports, generated according to a template, as well as fully individually tailored to the user’s needs. Reports for the management board illustrate the results achieved by employees and provide all the necessary information, e.g. on the stages at which they find individual processes. Reports for salespeople, in turn, will give the employee important tips, e.g. which customer is worth spending more time on.

5. Supervising employee activities

How big is the involvement of individual employees? What are they currently doing and shouldn’t they focus on a more urgent task? How was the meeting with the client?
When thinking about which CRM to choose, it is worth looking for one that will provide answers to all these questions, giving you the opportunity to evaluate and improve the work of individual salespeople.

6. Access to history

To improve the quality of customer service, access to the history of contacts with the contractor is necessary. Thanks to the system, we should be able to check existing contacts with the client and the course of conversations. Thanks to this, the employee will have the opportunity to develop an action strategy, and in his absence, the person replacing him will receive a full picture of the situation and will be able to take appropriate action.

7. Carrying out mass activities

Do you want to group clients according to selected attributes and then perform specific actions on such a group, such as data editing, assigning tasks or sending e-mail messages? Emphasize these requirements at the stage of the question – which CRM to choose. A good choice for you will be a CRM system that will allow you to implement these activities in a quick and simple way.

8. Product management

An important issue is also access to the full product offer, which improves both the sales process and customer service. Employees operate on the same, uniform database, have access to the same information, and therefore communication with the client is consistent. They should also be able to set individual prices, discounts, add photos and files, as well as edit individual attributes in individual products and entire categories.

9. Internal communication

A tool for publishing advertisements, a central file database and, most importantly, a built-in messenger – all of this should be part of the CRM system so that communication in the company is easy, pleasant and does not lead to misunderstandings.
Which CRM should you choose?
One that, by means of data organization and an advanced search engine, allows you to maintain the communication order inside the company, as well as in contacts with contractors.

10. Integration with e-mail and other applications

A great value in terms of the functions of the IT system in the company is the possibility of its integration with commercial programs, thanks to which the employee will have access to all information and documents within it. Import and export of contractors or goods as well as sales reporting are essential functions of a good CRM system. As is the possibility of its integration with the e-mail client to be able to receive and send e-mails directly from the system level.

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