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Firmao, is a comprehensive CRM / WMS program for companies at an affordable price, making it an ideal alternative to many competing systems.

Highrise CRM is a customer relationship management solution. It was developed by 37Signals, best known for its Basecamp project management product. Firmao, which combines features of Highrise, Basecamp and Campfire, is an excellent alternative to Highrise CRM. As of 2018, Highrise CRM is no longer accepting new customers, and those interested in using this program must find other alternatives.

Compare the features of Firmao and Highrise – decide which program will suit your needs.

Price per license for one user24$ – 99$€21 – €75
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software
Reports, charts
Project Management Software (PMS)
Integration with VoIP telephony
Program for quotations and invoices
Documentation workflow
Email integration
Working time records
Project and task management (workflow)
Standalone version
Access to API
Possibility to buy different licenses

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