What is a brand archetype?

You can read about brand archetypes on the main page - link to the article. There you will find a synthetic summary of how the individual archetypes differ from each other. You can also read on this topic in the post “How are you going? The answers of... read more


It is hard to imagine working in any CRM system without saving the personal data of current and potential customers. The famous GDPR, i.e. the decree on the protection of personal data, has been in force for several months, with which we are threatened... read more

What is national branding

Marketing professors at Warton University - David Reibstein and Tom Lincoln, organizer of one of the most famous national branding conferences, looked at the process of building brand awareness in individual countries. The article is an extensive... read more

Data security in the ERP system

Data security in the ERP system should be consistent with the security policy applicable to the entire IT infrastructure of the company. At the outset, it is therefore worth analyzing whether the new element in the form of the ERP system meets the... read more

CRM system – why is it worth it?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, i.e. the practice of coherent management of all relations between the company and each of its clients: from sending offers and answering inquiries, through accepting and fulfilling orders, to invoicing and... read more

ERP system for an accounting office

The era of rapid technological progress is underway, where information technology affects other spheres of our lives, including professional ones. Innovative IT solutions, more and more often used in business, have also found their application in... read more

Change management on it

Can the change be managed? Such questions are not uncommon, hence our idea for a series of articles in which we describe this process. In our opinion, change is not only possible, but must be managed, or at least it is worthwhile - we hope that... read more