Is whisper marketing really effective?

The process of spreading information on the Internet is extremely rapid. What we thought was well hidden can suddenly appear on forums and social networking sites. However, our goal is to spread positive opinions about our company, which will reach... read more

What are 4P and 7P rules?

What are the characteristics of 4P strategies? Today's e-entrepreneur has to deal with tasks from many areas - trade, marketing, advertising, law, logistics, public relations, modern technologies, and more. What elements do they consist of? To... read more

Who uses ERP systems?

Large organizations (250 or more employees) are the leaders in the use of ERP solutions, of which 87.3% have implemented ERP systems. Also less than 54% of medium-sized companies (at least 50 employees) use systems of this class. Integrated... read more

How does the CRM program work?

The CRM program is mainly used as a database to improve the management of customer information and use it to optimize the operation of the enterprise. The system also supports the effective and efficient sale of goods and services, enables the... read more