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Published: 22.12.21CRM

Looking for a solution for a sales team of no more than 10 people? Find out how Firmao can help you!

Firmao is a ready-made system to manage sales and customer service

The best practices and tools which for years have been helping small business companies from various industries effectively manage customer relationships have been included in the Firmao system.

Use a set of ready-made solutions and see how they will help your organization. Your company can use the Firmao system in many ways – here are the key areas.

All elements of the system are available for your company

  • Communication within the team and with the customer
  • Easy-to-read statistics
  • Sales process management
  • Sales forecasting
  • Customer segmentation
  • Objectives and scorecard
  • Knowledge management
  • Integrations

CRM that grows with you!

You don’t need huge investments to start using CRM in your organization. A simple billing model depends only on the number of users who use the system, and new features that we introduce are available to all customers. Therefore, as your business grows, you won’t need another tool. Periodically, more advanced functionalities appear in Firmao CRM to support companies in sales management.

Firmao is more than just CRM

For the sake of access to modern tools and knowledge on how to use them in practice, we have provided access to free on-line presentations and support during system implementation.

Firmao is your personal assistant who will help you increase sales.

Take care of your business today with Firmao CRM.

Author Avatar Sebastian Czubak

Chief Operating Officer. Responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company's operational activities. He has extensive experience in the CRM software industry and successfully leads teams in product development, marketing, sales, and customer service. He is responsible for building knowledge and awareness of Firmao among customers.

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