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Published: 23.12.21CRM

Looking for a tool to manage a distributed or field sales team? Check out Firmao – CRM which will help you take control over your sales.

Take control over your sales process

The sales process is a series of step-by-step activities that need to be completed in order to finalize a sale. With a large number of salespeople and sales calls, it’s easy to miss something if you don’t control every step in the process. This is especially difficult if the team is spread out or working in the field – there is no control over what they are actually doing.

Chaotic and inconsistent sales activities are a simple path to failure. With the help of Firmao – CRM for distributed teams – you will take control over the sales process, organize the team’s work, precisely monitor the effects of activities and most importantly – you will not lose customers.

Improve customer knowledge exchange

In teams that don’t work in an office and perform their work from different locations, sharing knowledge about conducted sales conversations is crucial. Not being able to quickly view customer data, contact information, or post-meeting notes can have less than ideal results. If you want to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, take care of customer relationships with the help of Firmao CRM for remote sales teams.

With Firmao you can effectively organize teamwork and the flow of customer knowledge. You will never again lose a client’s data or forget to contact him at the right time and all the notes will be available for the whole team. The system will allow you to ensure high standards of teamwork and customer service.

Increase work productivity

Don’t let your sales people deal with filling out documents instead of selling! Support your sales people with a proven CRM solution for distributed sales teams – it will relieve them of repetitive tasks and allow them to work in a systematic way.

With Firmao CRM you can use message templates, schedule tasks and integrate with many tools, including telephone support (VOiP).

Author Avatar Łukasz Magierowicz

Key Account Manager. Supports customers in the implementation and configuration process of the Firmao system. He has extensive knowledge of CRM systems. He collaborates with customers to understand their needs and help customize the system to their specific requirements.

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