Benefits of the CRM system for the sales, marketing and customer service team

Benefits of the CRM system for the sales, marketing and customer service team

Benefits for the sales team

The CRM program allows salespeople to improve relationship management, better understand the sales process and automate many areas of their work. Sellers avoid, among others time-consuming data entry, setting the sequence of e-mails, writing follow-ups or reporting activity. Thanks to this, they can focus on what is most important, i.e. selling.

Sales managers always have access to information on the progress of individual team members, current sales results and statistics, and can easily generate reports and, most importantly, detailed insight into the sales funnel.

Benefits for the marketing team

CRM software provides the marketing team with an overview of the customer’s purchasing path. Thanks to this, marketers can better understand sales activities, assess the quality of delivered leads more accurately and plan future campaigns more effectively. The data collected in the system give knowledge to create the so-called Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

Benefits for the customer service team

CRM software allows customer service to track conversations between channels – sometimes the customer reports a problem by phone, e-mail or live, and then goes through a chat, for example. The tool allows you to add notes and when customer care receives a request from the customer, he can quickly check on his profile whether the customer has previously reported problems to another department, and, for example, how to communicate with him (especially in the case of the so-called difficult customers).

Without customer interaction software common to all departments, communication can be lost in a deluge of information, with the risk of relationship deterioration or even customer loss.

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