Beneficial ways of using CRM software with Scheduling Tool: Firmao x Probooking

Published: 05.06.24CRM

Without the ability to connect, it’s hard to imagine an efficient business working on a number of different programmes. Scheduling tools and CRM are all in one package that your company needs to effectively handle meetings, that will result in a better customer satisfaction. The CRM collects all the data you need to prepare for a meeting, while the scheduling tool takes care of the technicalities, such as inviting people to meetings. Firmao CRM and Probooking are the software that will increase your company’s revenue and save you time.

Say hello to quick, easy and professional appointment scheduling!

Probooking is a cloud-based appointment scheduling platform, which helps small to large businesses to schedule meetings, manage their calendars, and host one-on-one or group sessions on a centralized platform.

It provides several functionalities including SMS reminders, custom branding, data export, automatic time zone detection, webhooks, and booking forms among many others.

The integration is very easy to set up, as you just need to choose a ready to use Zap template in Zapier.

Zapier – Triggers and Actions

The integration between Zapier, Firmao and Probooking offers various Triggers and Actions to automate the flow of data between these platforms.

Triggers: are the events that trigger automatic actions in the integration. For example the trigger can be a New Booking in Probooking.

Actions: are the specific actions that are taken as a result of triggers. For example, when a New Booking is created a new task, deal or company can appear in Firmao.

What needs to be done to connect applications in Zapier?

Firmao: Log into your account, click in to the button on the right corner (with letter A – admin), click “company settings”. On the left you’ll have different categories – click on Integrations. On the top click on “API”, then click “Enable API”. Here you’ll have API login and Password – that’s the credentials needed for you to sign in Zapier. You can set the rest simply via Zapier.

Probooking: Log into your account and click the “Integrations”. Then look for “meetings and payments”. In this category, find Zapier and connect it. You’ll receive an API key, which you need to use in Zapier, when connecting Probooking to the Zap. 

How to create working Zap:

Before we configure the Zap, set up your booking account and customize it. 

We have two ways to do the Zap:

  1. (Recommended) You can use an already prepared Zap template. It will create a new task every time a new booking is created. The task will be visible in the Calendar and will contain all the details – type of meeting, location of the meeting, time of the meeting, etc. This is a very simple solution, as it requires only a few credentials from the user.
  2. You can configure Zap manually by selecting the desired triggers and actions from the list in Zapier. This will require manual configuration of every aspect of Zap. However, this can be beneficial if you have specific needs that the template does not meet.

How can you benefit from using Firmao CRM with Probooking?

Using a CRM and planning tool together, allows companies to create a more customer-oriented and efficient approach, leading to improved satisfaction, increased productivity and better overall company performance.

Improved customer experience

Having access to customer data helps to deliver personalised scheduling options that improve customer satisfaction. Customers can get real-time updates on appointments, reducing the chance of no-shows and increasing overall effectiveness of communication.

Improved efficiency

Integration enables seamless communication between CRM and scheduling tools, reducing manual data entry and the risk of mistakes. Manage all upcoming meetings in Firmao – write notes, track meeting times, send emails to interested clients. Schedule automatically based on data and client preferences, reducing time spent manually planning tasks. You don’t have to check your calendar every time you want to schedule a meeting or write lots of time-consuming emails, as you can just send a link to your pre-customized calendar page.


When your business grows, CRM and scheduling integration allows for scalability to accommodate increased customer interactions and scheduling demands.

Data analysis and reporting

Analyse historical scheduling data to predict future demand, enabling proactive resource planning. Minimise errors in scheduling and customer information with a single, integrated system.

Increased productivity

With automated scheduling and CRM integration, you save time that can be redirected to more valuable tasks, increasing overall productivity. Use CRM insights to prioritise tasks and ensure efficient scheduling of key meetings.

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Chief Executive Officer. Sets the direction of Firmao's development. Under his leadership, Firmao CRM has become one of the leading CRM systems in Poland. On the blog, he shares thoughts on the latest CRM industry trends, offers tips on implementing and using CRM systems.

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