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The advantages of online shopping are well known. Customers do not need to be persuaded to do e-shopping. It is more convenient, faster, and there is often more choice than in brick-and-mortar stores.

So what are the benefits for entrepreneurs? Where to start setting up an online store? Below you will find some tips on setting up an online store and choosing a software.

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Online store – advantages

Establishing an online store is not only a development opportunity for existing enterprises, it is also an alternative for people working remotely. Thanks to the possibilities offered by the online store, you have a chance to start your dream business. Depending on the size of the enterprise, an online store can usually be a sole proprietorship or a family business.
In stationary locations, you can only serve local customers, while the online store has no such restrictions. Your store will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Opening an on-line store also means lower maintenance costs, you do not have to rent premises in an attractive, often frequented place, and you do not have to pay for utilities. The e-shop will complement your business.

Be your first customer

Each of us is a customer, not everyone is an entrepreneur. If you want to move your store to the Internet, think about what you like in other e-stores. Take on the role of a customer. How would you like to be served?

Good software is half the battle
Running an online store is much easier with the help of properly selected software. The system should facilitate your work, not make it difficult, thus causing stress and unnecessary nerves. Before you decide on any of the systems, test it and check if it fits the profile of your company. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages, compare prices, possibilities and intuitiveness of the system.

Below you will find a short description of the integrations that we offer:
Prestashop is a complete solution that allows you to easily set up an online store and then spread your wings on the Internet.

Firmao and Prestashop integration:
Every 15 minutes there is a synchronization with the store on Prestashop. The integration is one-sided (from Prestashop to Firmao). As part of this integration, products, contractors and orders are created and updated. Products that have been modified / created since the last synchronization are downloaded. If the product does not exist in the Firmao system, it is created as new. If the product was created earlier but modified, it is updated. The same actions take place for the other objects of the type of contractors and orders.

Shoper software includes the necessary tools and integrations to make a professional
online sales: modern payments, bilateral integration with Allegro, courier services and
magazines, Facebook shop and more.

Firmao and Shoper integration:
Synchronization occurs every 20 minutes. Products, contractors and orders from Shoper are associated with products in Firmao, using a unique identifier that is saved during synchronization. Order statuses from Shoper are synchronized with the statuses in Firmao, so if the order is, for example, processed, this information will also be visible in Firmao, thanks to the changed status.

Allegro is an online trading platform that allows you to carry out transactions. First of all, it allows you to put items owned by users for sale.

Firmao and Allegro integration:
Firmao is synchronized with Allegro every 15 minutes. Integration with Allegro is one-sided, orders, contractors and products are downloaded (from Allegro to Firmao). As part of this synchronization, orders that have been paid are downloaded. Based on the buyer (from the order), a contractor is created (only if it does not exist – if it has already been created, it is searched by name or NIP number). The products are created from the order items. In the case of products, the principle is the same as in the case of contractors; a new product will appear in the system if it has not been created before. If it already exists in the system, it is searched and synchronized by name.

IdoSell provides e-commerce systems for online stores and accommodation facilities. It provides services to companies from all over the European Union, mainly in Germany, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, France, Slovakia, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Romania and the USA. At IdoSell Shop, online stores and wholesalers are customers. At IdoSell Booking, the clients are owners of apartments, holiday homes and small hotels or hostels.

Firmao integration with IdoSell:
Firmao enables one-way synchronization with several accounts or domains on IdoSell. Synchronization occurs every 20 minutes. Customers, products and orders are downloaded to the Firmao system.

It is a system for the integration of various e-commerce platforms and the automation of processes taking place in the company.

Firmao integration with BaseLinker:
The integration is one-sided, it allows you to automatically or manually export invoices from BaseLinker to Firmao.
The integration also makes it possible to link the products purchased by our customers with the warehouse management of Firmao. In the absence of stock levels in Firmao (i.e. stock is equal to 0), instead of an invoice, the program automatically creates a purchase order in the form of a reservation in order to complete our sale as soon as possible.

To be able to use a given integration, please contact the technical support department, because the functionality requires prior activation on the selected account.

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