Livechat and CRM system – the perfect complement to telephone customer service

Published: 03.08.21CRM

Every manager dealing with the management of the sales department knows how important it is to contact a potential customer quickly. Nowadays, most often, the first contact of a customer with our brand is the entrance to our website. Unfortunately, over 90% of visits to the company’s website do not end with a sale or even a contact from a potential customer.

Each client’s entry to the website that does not end with a sale brings financial losses. That is why it is important for every company to have efficient communication channels with its clients. Rapid response to contact from a potential customer always brings a measurable effect at the beginning of the sales process. In such an action, the combination of Livechat and the CRM works best.

Livechat – a quick solution to urgent problems

The most frequently used communication channels used by contact centers are, of course, telephony and e-mail. However, it is worth paying attention to the increasing popularity of the so-called Livechatts, which, thanks to their simplicity, allow you to quickly and efficiently communicate with customers visited our websites.

It is confirmed that the presence of a fast contact livechat increases the number of independent contacts on the part of potential customers by over 15%. We have shared this trend on our website. fully proprietary livechat, which since its implementation has enjoyed unflagging popularity among our interlocutors. It is unique and one of a kind thanks to its combination with our CRM system that we offer to our clients. The simplicity of its use and speed of operation facilitate our work and give the customer a reliable and quick answer to the question asked.

Livechat and CRM system

All subscribers of the Firmao CRM system with a Full and API license are provided with one of the most effective tools for contacting the client – Livechat. Make even more contacts with potential leads and multiply your earnings from selling your services together with CRM from Firmao! Include a professionally prepared livechat customer service also on your website! All you need to do is contact us and we will take care of the rest. Chat is enabled by adding one line of code to your website.

But that’s not all. Livechat is also available to your company’s employees who have their accounts and licenses in the Firmao CRM system. Now you can conduct conversations with both Keeping in touch and having conversations with both clients and colleagues has never been so easy! All in one Firmao system. Nothing will distract you anymore. You will no longer have to switch between the CRM system and the customer communicator, employee communicator, e-mail client and telephone exchange. Firmao has just become a unique, professional contact center solution for small and medium-sized enterprises.

E-mail client, VoIP telephony, live chat with clients, employee communicator – all this and more can be found in the Firmao CRM system.

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Chief Executive Officer. Sets the direction of Firmao's development. Under his leadership, Firmao CRM has become one of the leading CRM systems in Poland. On the blog, he shares thoughts on the latest CRM industry trends, offers tips on implementing and using CRM systems.

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