ERP in construction companies and property managers

ERP in construction companies and property managers

Construction companies and property managers handle many processes internally that need to be organized and controlled. How can they improve their work thanks to the ERP system?

ERP systems in construction companies

The use of ERP systems in construction companies provides their managers with access to excellent tools for monitoring the company’s condition and investment projects carried out in it. Appropriate implementation of ERP software and the use of well-chosen modules allows you to easily manage dozens of internal processes.

ERP systems in construction companies give us access to:

  • monitoring the progress of ongoing projects, both in terms of the amount of work performed, material consumption, and the use of specific construction equipment,
  • continuous project profitability research by regularly comparing costs (including purchase of raw materials) with revenues,
  • easier warehouse management in terms of materials and construction equipment, including assigning them to specific projects,
  • a smoother internal document flow, which means that all key decisions are made much faster and allow you to move forward with the work progress within the assumed deadlines.

ERP systems for property managers

Thanks to the modular structure of the ERP system, we are able to adjust it to any type of enterprise. In fact, its capabilities depend on the modules we choose. The selection of appropriate tools allows the property management company to control all internal processes. ERP gives possibility to:

  • accounting and bookkeeping services for real estate put under our care (office, commercial, housing communities, etc.),
  • settlement of rents and utilities with tenants of serviced real estate,
  • conducting settlements with subcontractors working for specific real estate (e.g. with cleaning companies, maintenance technicians).

Advantages of ERP systems in construction companies and property managers

ERP systems are not only accounting tools. These are, above all, advanced IT solutions which, when properly configured, support the building and implementation of internal company processes. They ensure the order of work, the speed of performing repetitive activities and prevent employees from making costly mistakes.
Companies operating in the construction industry and property managers, with the implementation of such a system, gain access to a number of opportunities to improve current activities, as well as planning future activities. Employees can, among others:

  • check the profitability ratios of ongoing projects on an ongoing basis,
  • check the status of work on individual projects,
  • maintain order in the documentation as well as regulate and automate its circulation within the company,
  • easier to settle the time and costs of working on investments,
  • easier to settle the consumption of utilities and other fixed costs.

All of the above, as well as dozens of additional possibilities, are provided by ERP systems. However, it is important that they are properly configured and prepared to operate in a specific industry.

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