Is whisper marketing really effective?

Is whisper marketing really effective

The process of spreading information on the Internet is extremely rapid. What we thought was well hidden can suddenly appear on forums and social networking sites. However, our goal is to spread positive opinions about our company, which will reach potential customers just as quickly. This is whisper marketing, considered by some as not necessarily a fair practice.

However, most of them perceive it as an effective marketing activity, developing positive opinion about our company, offer or a particular product.

We are well aware that gossip spreads quickly and reaches a large audience. The secret of success of many services and companies lies in the involvement of users who will take care of a positive presentation of the brand on the Internet, in forums and social networks. Prosumers, as active recipients are called, should have considerable knowledge about the company and its offer.

So what is their role, and how can they help us in effective sales and increase our popularity?

  • Customers rely heavily on product reviews and ratings. If they are unflattering, they usually abandon the purchase and choose another company offering a similar product. The task of prosumers is primarily to evaluate and recommend the offer.
  • Whisper marketing also means having conversations on internet forums. In order for the information about our brand to spread faster, we need to reach the right target group and arouse interest in our offer. Prosumers speak anonymously on the forum, and in this way they advertise the brand. However, it is worth remembering to select the forum effectively – it should be related to the industry of the topic.
  • An extremely important role in whisper marketing is played by social networking sites. They gather a wide group of Internet users with different interests. This is the place where rumors and information spread fastest. You can’t ignore these portals and you should use whisper marketing there as well.

It doesn’t matter what people say about you, as long as they’re talking about you.

In a sense, word-of-mouth marketing is about making a buzz around you. Most people think that the content of the information is not important, but it is important to be talked about at all. This way we can quickly gain publicity. In this situation, sensationalism works best, something spectacular and unusual.

Let’s take a look at today’s show business – would every artist, singer, actor be so popular if they stopped at just doing their job? Lady Gaga, Madonna, Shakira, and many other famous stars have not limited themselves to promote their image based on singing or acting. Celebrities often go to interesting and unique lengths in order to be remembered. If it suddenly becomes quiet about them in the media, they appear at an unexpected moment, going to crazy things, surprise and provoke. Sensationalism can also be an element of an advertising campaign, including within whisper marketing.

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