Integrating Firmao with Bouncify via Zapier

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Nowadays, effective integration of various tools and applications is a key success factor for many companies. Thanks to solutions such as Zapier, we can achieve this effortlessly. In today’s article, we would like to introduce you to the integration of Firmao with Bouncify, which is available through Zapier. We’ll take a look at how this integration works, what it offers to users and the benefits of using it.

What is Bouncify?

To begin with, we would like to introduce you to what Bouncify is. It is a leading email list cleaning and verification service. Their mass email verification service helps more than 10,000 marketing teams build email sender reputation, reduce rejection rates and improve deliverability. Bouncify helps clean email lists and achieve better email marketing results.

How does Firmao’s integration with Bouncify work?

Zapier, which makes this integration possible, is a task automation platform that provides the ability to connect different applications, whether they are tools for customer management, marketing or other business areas. Integrating Firmao with Bouncify using Zapier allows for seamless data transfer between the two tools.

Available Triggers and Actions:


New Transaction

Triggers when a Transaction is created (or updated) in Firmao. 

New Customer

Triggers when a new customer is created (or updated) in Firmao.

New Sales Opportunity

Triggers when a sales opportunity is created (or updated) in Firmao.

New Task

Triggers when a task is created (or updated) in Firmao.


Email Validation

Validates an email.

What do you gain by choosing to use this integration?

Bouncify gives you:

  • Improved Email Deliverability: By cleaning and verifying email lists, services like Bouncify ensure that emails are sent to valid and active addresses.
  • Enhanced Sender Reputation: High bounce rates can harm an email sender’s reputation with ISPs. By using Bouncify to clean their email lists, marketers can maintain a better sender reputation, increasing the likelihood that their emails won’t be flagged as spam.
  • Accurate Campaign Analytics: When email lists are filled with inactive or invalid addresses, campaign metrics can be skewed. Bouncify ensures that the metrics reflect genuine user behavior, allowing for more accurate campaign analysis.

Firmao gives you:

  • Data centralization: All customer information and correspondence is collected in one place. This allows employees to easily access the information they need, improving customer service efficiency. 
  • Time saving: Quickly issue documents such as invoices, quotes, orders.
  • Automation: Can be simple, repetitive tasks such as sending emails or creating quotes to more complex activities such as qualifying leads or tracking sales progress.

To explore the integration between Bouncify and Firmao, you can visit the following websites:



Zapier Integration:

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