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Published: 12.07.23Management

Firmao enables integration with SALESmanago – a platform that allows you to achieve the highest sales results using automated tools for personalized marketing. Among other things, it offers tools to identify potential customers entering the website or online store and monitors their behavior. It can be integrated with leading e-commerce platforms, as well as with Facebook and Twitter, SMS operators and CRM. It is a very rich tool for online marketing activities.

How to run the integration?

  1. In Firmao: enter the company settings in the upper right corner:

then click integrations and select SALESmanago:

2. We complete data such as:

  • endpoint,
  • company ID,
  • internet service key,
  • API secret,
  • owner’s email address.

3. The necessary information can be found in SALESmanago. For this purpose: go to settings, then integrations, at the bottom of the page we will find the necessary information that we need to copy to Firmao.

4. In Firmao: complete the data, click “save and import contacts” and “enable synchronization”.

5. A message will pop up about the number of contacts downloaded to Firmao, you will find them in the “Companies” tab.

6. Data downloaded automatically from SALESmanago are:

  • customer name,
  • phone number,
  • e-mail,
  • address for correspondence.

Two new fields will also be created:

  • status and identifier from SALESmanago.
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