What are quizzes and how to promote business with them?

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Establishing contact between people, for example, between a seller and a buyer, is the basis of successful interaction. One of the means of achieving this goal is a quiz. What is it? Let’s understand.

What is a quiz?

The main point of quizzes is to test the audience. The results obtained can have various practical applications. Such questionnaires can be in different formats, depending on the purpose for which they are created:

1. For entertainment and education. Such quizzes have eye-catching titles designed to ignite the curiosity of users. They can be used to refresh existing knowledge, get new information. In the field of marketing, this method attempts to draw attention to a project, spread advertising and increase brand recognition.

2. To sell goods and services. It is assumed that in this case the potential buyer already knows roughly what he wants. For example, to buy a coat. With the help of well-crafted leading questions, he is helped to understand what model, what shade, texture, size, etc. will suit him best.

The cosmetics store helps you find shampoo and conditioner for your hair, by answering 10 simple questions.

3. For motivation and involvement. A conditional situation – a person has decided to start strength training, but has never been involved in this area before, and therefore does not have even primary knowledge. Participation in the questionnaire will help him understand his needs and decide on his future plans. In addition, a suitable sports center will offer its services, describe the advantages in the form of individual training programs and other things, trying to get a new client.

After completing the quiz, the customer receives a discount on the subscription.

4. To obtain the user’s contact information. The tactic differs from the previous variants in that the participant will not receive the test result immediately – it will be offered to send it, for example, to e-mail. Thus, a database of clients is formed and there is a possibility of feedback from them.

To get an estimate of the cost of the kitchen, at the end of the quiz the user needs to
enter their contact details

Why do you need a quiz on a website

In most cases, it is a mutually beneficial way of communication between the seller and the consumer. Almost everyone has encountered a situation where they feel uncomfortable browsing a site with an impressive list of goods or services and experiencing the agony of choice. In the end, the search may stop due to their ineffectiveness, and there will be no positive result for either party.

Having a well-crafted quiz will help the consumer save time and the seller better understand their audience.  The final offer will be formed based on individual needs. Naturally, a brand that is attentive to a potential customer and is able to offer a product that meets the latter’s desires will evoke sympathy and a desire to return to it again.

Advantage of the quiz over the regular form

The main difference between these two methods of communication is that the standard form is designed for determined buyers who already have a clear idea of what product or service they want to buy. The percentage of such consumers is low.

There are much more of those who need to be led to the right decision, help to make a choice and, as a result, make a quality application. This is where quizzes come to the rescue. Their advantages, compared to the usual form, are as follows:

  • The consumer gets involved in testing, often unnoticed, and in the process his interest and desire to see the result grows.
  • The unobtrusive format makes the selection process easy and pleasant.
  • The audience expands at the expense of those who previously could not decide on a choice.
  • The task of sales managers is simplified, thanks to obtaining reliable information about the requests and needs of customers.

How to competently compose a quiz – basic rules

In order for the questionnaire to fulfill its purpose, the following is necessary when creating the questionnaire:

  1. Determine the ultimate goal of the test.
  2. Identify the target audience. You should not try to cover everyone, as the questions will turn out to be “blurred”. It is better to identify a couple of age categories and start working with them in mind.
  3. Come up with a catchy headline that ignites curiosity and excitement.
  4. Select a concise list of questions, between 8 and 10. A smaller volume will not give a complete picture of the needs, and a larger one may tire the person being tested.
  5. Pay attention to the color scheme and illustrations.
  6. Properly formulate the options for the final result.

A positive component is mandatory, because a dissatisfied and disappointed client is unlikely to want to come back again.

To summarize, a quiz is a good way to establish relationships between people without even needing direct contact. It is a solution that has a positive outcome for all parties involved in the process.

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