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Published: 04.08.21Marketing

Marketing automation has been a very popular method of improving sales processes in recent years. What exactly is marketing automation and how to use it in business? Below you will find answers to your questions.

From year to year, it is more and more difficult to gain customer interest using standard marketing methods. Competition is constantly growing, so it is necessary to use newer and newer ways to increase the effectiveness of advertising, thus gaining new customers. Marketing automation will certainly help you adapt to constant changes.

Marketing automation – what is it?

Marketing automation – is conducting marketing activities using the necessary, specialized software and tools that were created to improve sales processes.
The task of automation is to increase the efficiency of conducted campaigns. Thanks to the appropriate tools, the system automatically collects and processes data about potential customers. In this way, time-consuming manual collection of this type of data and its analysis is eliminated. We get ready information on what we should pay attention to when creating a campaign and an in-depth analysis of processes to better understand and satisfy the client’s needs.

After the analysis, the software automatically identifies and groups potential customers.
In the next stage, it sends customers a personalized marketing message. This way, we avoid sending spam that annoys our customers. The system will analyze what the customer was interested in on our website, e.g. by monitoring and analyzing website movements. The program will prepare an offer and an advertisement and automatically send interesting content to the customer via e-mail.
For this type of marketing machine to work flawlessly and 100%, it will be necessary to integrate with CRM software, mailing dispatch and ERP.

How does it work in practice?

Surely you have noticed more than once that when you want to leave a website without making any purchases, you are asked if you really want to leave the website. Or when you view products in an online store, do you have suggestions for products that other customers have viewed? This is the merit of automatic marketing. By analyzing the purchases of other customers, the system guesses that you should also be interested in the product. Have you left a basket with products? Perhaps you forgot to pay? The system also takes this into account, which is why it displays a notification. Have you been to the site and nothing interested you? If you have consented to the processing of data for marketing purposes, e.g. when creating an account on a given website, the software will automatically send you a personalized offer to your email. Simple and brilliant at the same time!

What are the Benefits?

In addition to reducing costs and relieving your employees from carrying out tedious analyzes, you should of course mention building communication with the client. An automatic but personalized e-mail with a favorable offer will surely interest the customer. In addition, it looks professional, which will positively affect the image of your company.

Firmao offers integration with SALESmanago.

SALESmanago – is a platform that allows you to achieve the highest sales results using automated tools for personalized marketing. Among other things, it offers tools to identify potential customers entering the website or online store and monitors their behavior. It can be integrated with leading e-commerce platforms as well as with Facebook and Twitter, SMS and CRM operators. It is a very rich tool for online marketing activities.

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