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Published: 24.02.23Marketing
Marketing without cookies - what awaits us?

The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and one of the biggest changes in recent years has been the phasing out of third-party cookies. Third-party cookies have long been used to track user behavior and gather data to inform marketing strategies, but with increased privacy concerns and new regulations, their use is being restricted. So what does this mean for marketers and their strategies?

One approach that is gaining popularity is first-party data collection. This involves gathering data directly from users through opt-ins, surveys, and other methods. By building direct relationships with customers, companies can better understand their preferences and behaviors, and tailor their marketing accordingly. This approach also has the benefit of being more privacy-compliant, as users have more control over their data.

Another option is to focus on contextual advertising. Rather than relying on user data, this approach targets ads based on the content of the page or the context in which they appear. This can be effective in reaching users who may not be tracked by cookies, and can also help to ensure that ads are more relevant to the content being consumed.

While the phasing out of third-party cookies may present some challenges, it also offers an opportunity to rethink marketing strategies and explore new approaches. By focusing on first-party data and contextual advertising, marketers can continue to reach their audiences effectively while respecting user privacy.

Implementing a CRM system can also be helpful in this new landscape, as it allows for better lead management and tracking of customer preferences and behaviors. By using a CRM system to gather first-party data, marketers can continue to create effective marketing strategies even without the use of cookies.

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