What can we achieve thanks to a well-implemented ERP system?

What can we achieve thanks to a well-implemented ERP system

The implementation of the ERP system allows for the optimization of business processes in the scope of various areas of the company’s operations thanks to the use of a modern solution that automates everyday work. In this way, we are able to increase its efficiency, as well as positively affect the efficiency of employees.

The ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) provides the people managing the company with the necessary information to make strategic decisions, which also influences effective management. A common knowledge base allows for a better exchange of information both between departments and divisions of the company, and thus – for more effective cooperation.

Customization – a response to the specific needs of the organization

It happens that the client has such specific requirements that the standard version of the system covers, for example, only 80-90% of his needs, and the full configuration of the existing system is impossible. This is often due to the specifics of the industry when, for example, additional functionalities are necessary for a given business. In such a situation, Firmao offers dedicated “tailor-made” solutions. Our consultants get acquainted with the needs of the buyer and create a functional project that defines the advanced requirements of the enterprise, and on the other hand, how the software will function that extends the capabilities of the system.

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