What should be done before implementing an ERP system?


The first step that a company that intends to implement ERP system should take is to analyze the current situation – study the course of business processes in the company, the strengths and weaknesses of each of them, identify gaps in currently used solutions, as well as existing problems. This will allow us to determine what specific needs we have in the company and set goals that should be achieved thanks to the new system.

The analysis that we can carry out on our own or using the services of external companies gives many answers and a general view of the functioning of the company, and also allows you to find the processes that are the worst in terms of effectiveness. We should remember that when conducting the analysis of the initial situation, we should use the knowledge of employees involved in the process, they are most aware of its strengths and weaknesses.

In order to determine the specific needs of the enterprise, the cooperation of people from various departments is necessary. The technological transformation should cover all areas of the company’s operations, because the lack of improvements in one department has an indirect impact on the operations of others.

Nowadays, work in medium and large organizations is strongly integrated. Therefore, when implementing a new ERP system, it is worth taking care of conducting the widest possible consultations in the company and gaining the involvement of as many future users of ERP software as possible. The issue that needs to be determined is also whether we want the ERP system to run on company servers, or maybe in a private or public cloud. Or maybe a hybrid model will be a better solution?

Therefore, the last issue remains – the choice of the ERP system supplier. The selection should be carried out carefully, remember that it requires a lot of commitment and time. It is worth making a thorough diagnosis of available offers on the market and creating a list of suppliers and systems that inspire the greatest trust.

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