Who uses ERP systems?

Who uses ERP systems

Large organizations (250 or more employees) are the leaders in the use of ERP solutions, of which 87.3% have implemented ERP systems.

Also less than 54% of medium-sized companies (at least 50 employees) use systems of this class. Integrated management support solutions are used by only slightly more than 21% of small enterprises with 10 to 49 employees.

These analyzes show how big is still the growth potential of the ERP systems market, among others in the SME sector.

Construction industry resistant to digital transformation

ERP software makes significant differences when it comes to the division into industries. The highest percentages, just under 50%, were achieved by organizations dealing with information and communication, as well as the generation and transmission of electricity, gas and water.

In trade and manufacturing, this share is 31.6% and 32.5%, respectively. But in construction it is only 15%.
Eurostat data for 2018 show that the average of enterprises using the ERP system for all EU members was 34%. The leaders were Belgium (54%), the Netherlands (48%) and Lithuania (47%).

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