Why does your company need a marketing strategy?


A marketing strategy as a document may or may not include different types of marketing strategies. This is because companies – depending on the profile of their activities, as well as the preferences of their consumers – will focus on different activities.

Also in the literature, you will find different marketing strategies.

The types will be differentiated by the conditions and resources available to the enterprise and its environment. Marketing strategy as a document, on the other hand, will be differentiated because of what department and what aspect of the company’s operations it will be created in the mind.

Marketing communication strategy

The marketing communications strategy will show how the company informs users about the special features of its products and services. It will also indicate what media and sources it will use to reach its audience

Product marketing strategy

A product marketing strategy will be about, as the name suggests, a specific product from the brand’s range. Such a marketing strategy will determine how the product should be defined and developed, how its price should be shaped, what its unique features should be emphasized in communication, for whom it is intended, and who are the potential buyers from yet undiscovered market niches.

The company’s sales marketing strategy

This marketing strategy will primarily emphasize sales, the company’s distribution channels, and the selling model. It will describe in great detail the sales funnel and the customer’s entire buying journey. It will focus on their buying experience. An important element will be an accurate description of potential buyers, aka buyer persona.

So… why?

Why does your company need a marketing strategy? A consistent marketing strategy helps:

  • Avoid the traps which arise from the company’s weaknesses,
  • Exploit competitor’s weak points,
  • optimize costs by avoiding the duplication of non-efficient actions by competing companies,
  • Reach out to new product audiences and potential buyers,
  • And finally – Well-considered and consistently implemented marketing activities contribute to the development of the company and increase its revenue.

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