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Why should you invest in SEO for your website

We visit search engines practically every day. We look there for knowledge, inspiration, as well as specific products or services. In 2019 alone, Google received 2.3 trillion queries, and as much as 68% of all experiences in the virtual world begin with just typing a few words into a search engine.

You have probably found many stores and companies yourself. But do you remember when you last went to the second or third page of results? That’s right. The data also leave no doubt – results displayed on the first page of Google receive 67% of all clicks.

But how to get there with your company’s offer? And why is it worth the effort?

What is Website positioning?

Websites show up on the first pages of search engines because someone has made sure that they do. Everything they did to achieve such an effect is called SEO.

In other words, SEO ( website positioning ) is a series of actions aimed at getting websites to the highest possible positions in search engines. They are carried out both within the website itself and outside it. Unfortunately, there is no universal set of actions that need to be taken in order for a website to reach the top of the search engines. They result from the conditions of each site, industry, and competitors’ actions and should always be the result of a well-thought-out strategy.

Google (like other search engines) ranks pages based on their quality and how well they match a given query. For this purpose, the robots analyze, among other things:

  • How many times does the phrase occur on the page?
  • Is it in the title tag and URL?
  • Are there any synonyms?
  • Are there links to the page? Do they come from quality sites?

These are just the basics, of course. The latest data tells us that there are over 200 ranking factors considered by Google.

What are the effects of high visibility on Google?

The higher rankings your website achieves, the more users will come to it. For many industries, SEO is the most effective online marketing channel. As much as 59.2% of all Internet traffic comes from organic (free) search results.

However, you may say that increased traffic that doesn’t translate into conversions doesn’t matter to you. You are one hundred percent right. That’s why modern SEO is all about understanding user intent and delivering quality results.

What can this approach give your business? Here are some of the benefits of positioning:

Customers will find your offer on their own because it fits their needs

Advertisements screaming “Buy me!” have long ceased to work on consumers. A phenomenon known as banner blindness has become commonplace, meaning that we have learned to ignore pushy sales messages.
The key to success here is meticulous keyword analysis. You should focus primarily on those entered by users for whom your brand’s offer is relevant at a given moment and solves their problems/satisfies their needs.

You’ll gain a competitive advantage

Any way to stay ahead of the competition is good. Positioning, however, may be the most profitable – results ranking in the first positions in Google get as many as 32% of clicks! So there is definitely something to strive for.

Even if your competitors have been fighting for high positions in Google for a long time, this should not discourage you. You can still find space to present your offer. In such a situation, it is worth starting positioning with long-tail phrases, which are less popular but have a higher chance of conversions.

Sales of products and services will increase

It’s simple – more traffic to your website means more chances for sales. SEO is a key mechanism to increase sales especially in the e-commerce industry, all online services and local businesses. Once again, we emphasize that positioning for skillfully chosen phrases will attract to your brand surfers who are genuinely interested in your offer, not accidental “passers-by”.

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