Why the lack of a CRM system for sales can expose you to losses?


Sales managers and business owners cannot – and should not – control their employees every step of the way. Salespeople obtain valuable information about customers during telephone calls, during meetings and during online presentations.

Unfortunately, this data can be too scattered: it is stored in handwritten notes, in computer memory, or remains only in the minds of salespeople.

Additionally, customers can interact across a wide variety of platforms including telephone, email, or social media. In the flood of information, the process of solving the problem may be significantly longer, many details may be omitted, and this in turn may cause dissatisfaction of the contractor.

Managers begin to lose sight of what their teams are doing and cannot provide the client with the right support at the right time. It is difficult to identify a person who should take responsibility for the situation at a given moment. Therefore, not only sales suffer from the lack of CRM, but also the quality of customer service.

Even if the team scrupulously collects all the data, the person who uses it may have a problem finding it and, above all, understanding it. And everything can be so much easier when you rely on a system that provides centralized management and keeps customer relationships in check.

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