Certified Solution Providers – who are they?

Published: 02.11.22CRM
Certified Solution Providers - who are they?

CRM Certified Solution Providers is a definition for some specific companies.

With the CRM demands arising as well as its ever-increasing technology, it’s easy for companies to get stuck within a software in search of optimization or stuck with its implementation. 

And that’s where these Solution Providers come in.

Combining tailored training on one vendor’s specific CRM with years of experience, CRM Certified Solution Providers offer services based on their long practice with the CRM software in question. This means they know the vendor’s technology like no-one else, and are perfectly placed to:

  • Offer solutions to common or complex issues
  • Advise on streamlining procedures or functions
  • Suggest technical tips and tricks to match the CRM strategy set by a company
  • Help companies improve their business based on their customer relationships and strategic decisions
  • Maximise executions and software benefits

Best of all, CRM Solution Providers can also provide their knowledge to your teams directly, acting as the conduit between them and the CRM architects. As a result, they can ensure the data is being correctly logged, understood and acted upon. But CSPs can’t tackle every aspect of a CRM – which is what happens if they need to adjust the programming to suit those same staff’s needs.

Discover the CRM experts

CRM expert consultants are the specialists in the intricate system and inner workings of your chosen software, CRM consultants play an equally essential but often contrasting role to Certified Solution Providers. They design the solution among the many possible options, rather than coding the system or bending it to match companies requirements – or even instructing users how best to use the program. CRM expert consultants support the management in designing the requirements – because planning is as essential as implementing the systems. By pairing design and implementation together, it makes for a simpler and more straightforward adoption.

Think of CRM Certified Solution Providers like builders when constructing a new home. They’re working ground-up, bringing the foundations and brickwork to life. Once the framework is in place, it needs the finer details to truly design the home, something that can take place with close collaboration between an architect or interior decorator. 

This is how we see CRM specialists and Certified Solution Providers interacting – collaborating to bring a solid baseline and finer details together to suit a company’s needs. After all, success is the emergent result of good team-working.

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