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Published: 04.10.21CRM

Do entrepreneurs running an online store need CRM system? Is Firmao the right CRM system for an online store? Is it possible to optimize transactions from the moment of placing an order to shipping the product thanks to the Firmao system?

Will the integration of the online store with the Firmao system allow for more efficient and faster order processing from the system? The answer to these questions is definitely yes. In this post, you will learn how using the Firmao system when running an online store can improve the efficiency of your activities and save your time.

Online store – integration with the CRM system

Many companies that run their business decide to sell their products over the Internet. In the “global village” that the present world has become, it is difficult to achieve success by offering your products only in a stationary store on the local market. Nowadays, an online store is becoming an essential element to quickly achieve success in selling products.

The Firmao system, thanks to its integration with various online stores, enables the optimization of sales processes on many levels.

What enables the Firmao system after integration with ecommerce?

The Firmao system allows for the optimization of contacts with customers on various levels. Here are some of the amenities available to you with this integration:

  • automatic sending of e-mails
  • creating targeted marketing campaigns,
  • sending newsletters,
  • entering orders, transactions and products into the system,
  • automatic contracting of contractors from the database of the configured account.

Ecommerce and Firmao – a good pair

How can the integration of Firmao and an online store look like in practice? Let’s assume that our example entrepreneur will be Mr. Smith who runs the BOOTEE online store.

The store offers a variety of men’s, women’s and children’s footwear. Mr. Smith connected his BOOTEE store with the Firmao system. How has his day-to-day shop service changed now? What selected sales processes have been simplified?

When the customer creates an account in the BOOTEE store to make purchases, his data is automatically downloaded by the system. Thanks to this, when mailing is conducted with the client (e.g. agreeing the details of the order), all e-mails are automatically assigned to the contractor in Firmao.

This action guarantees the continuity of correspondence and minimizes misunderstandings, which increases our client’s satisfaction.

The integration also allows you to increase the sale of products – Mr. Smith decided to make a sale of autumn women’s shoes. To that end, he sent out e-mails advertising the promotion to all the women who had ever shopped in his store – with Firmao it only took a few seconds to filter out all potential customers.

When purchasing a product, it can also be downloaded from the inventory of Firmao, which allows for effective warehouse management and product deliveries.

Firmao is the perfect CRM for ecommerce – it will help you run your business more efficiently and faster.

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