Cyber Security Month 2021

Published: 01.10.21CRM

October is the Cyber Security Month. The initiative is organized by the European Cybersecurity Agency (ENISA) and the European Commission. In Poland, for the ninth time the campaign is coordinated by the NASK National Research Institute (NASK-PIB). For more information, see the Safe Month page.

Since its first event in 2012, the campaign has pursued key priorities, bringing together initiatives from across Europe under the slogan “Cybersecurity is a Shared Responsibility” to unite against cyber threats.

The aim of the European Cybersecurity Month is to popularize knowledge about threats in cyberspace and to promote safe use of the Internet – at home, at work, at school. Always and everywhere. The password for the 2021 edition is “ThinkB4Uclick”.

During this year’s edition, the organizers pay special attention to ways of securing the equipment we use, protecting our data and privacy on the web (especially addressed to the elderly), creating strong and secure passwords and how to protect ourselves against data and money loss, and what to do when we became a victim of Internet crime.

These are extremely important topics, nowadays people are used to e-shopping, entering passwords for authorization purposes and logging in with a trusted profile on the web. However, some pages are created only to extract sensitive data, and it is worth knowing how to protect yourself from it.

What security measures does Firmao take to protect the data of its clients?

Data in our Firmao system is stored in the most modern server room of the world by Amazon Web Services (AWS). The AWS Data Center has, as one of the few in the world, ISO 27001 data security certificate. AWS servers are always equipped with duplicated hard drives and power supplies. Every night, all data is automatically backed up on additional servers.

The data transmission is always encrypted, thanks to which your data sent over the network is completely safe. Access passwords are always encrypted with a secure one-way encryption, so that no one, including system administrators, can read them.

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