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September 29 is the International Coffee Day in 20 countries, incl. in the USA, England, Sweden and Norway. Two days later, on October 1st, we celebrate World Coffee Day.

The International Coffee Day was established 5 years ago. Coffee comes from Ethiopia, it appeared in Europe around the 16th century. It is one of the most popular stimulants in the world and the main source of caffeine. It is obtained from the roasted seeds of evergreen coffee trees in the tropics, it creates a wonderfully aromatic drink with unique properties.

Coffee lowers stress, improves blood circulation and additionally reduces the risk of diabetes. Today it is difficult to imagine everyday life without coffee. It puts us on our feet in the morning, gives us energy after an exhausting day at work and accompanies us in moments of relaxation. Coffee is with us at every step, so it is worth appreciating, especially now, on its holiday.

CRM for coffee roasters

Firmao’s CRM is dedicated to coffee roasting companies. Coffee & Sons, which implemented the Firmao CRM system, improved the processes taking place in the company, thanks to which contractors and orders are in one place, and the owners can focus on professional coffee roasting.

The key functionalities are:

  • contractors in one place;
  • planned working times;
  • tasks and projects;
  • the ability to share the calendar with other users;
  • notifications about e-mails, calls, text messages;
  • orders cause changes to the booking;
  • multi-warehouse;
  • costing of projects;
  • automatic calculation of discounts, unit prices;
  • the ability to track the sales process;
  • and a lot of more.

CRM for coffee roasters, for what?

In a company that specializes in coffee roasting, coffee must be ordered from the right place. In the CRM system, we can add its manufacturer to the product and automatically generate an order from the supplier.

The details of such a contractor display information about a given company with which we cooperate: website, email address, contact number and contact persons. Contractors can be easily divided into producers, partners, subcontractors and customers, which makes contact by e-mail very simple.

Coffee is delivered previously ordered by the system, thanks to the integration of Firmao with courier companies.

The owner has to pay for the delivery, invoice the recipient (from a customized template) and make sure the payment is made. Payment for the order can be made automatically thanks to the integration of the system with online payments. SMSapi / SerwerSMS automatically reminds about any unpaid invoices.

Then, the delivery of coffee is carried out (it increases the inventory status), which must be unpacked by the appropriate person with the added task in the system. These types of tasks generate planned working times, which are later replaced by actual working times. Products and batches can be linked to a given task.

In Firmao, you can easily use the OCR function, the system loads the invoice file and enters it into the warehouse.

A company specializing in coffee roasting uses a coffee oven, which, when introduced as equipment to Firmao, allows users to be booked for individual employees, projects and tasks. As a result, work schedules are created not only for employees, but also for the equipment used in the coffee roasting process. Hardware collision can also be enabled in the system so that only a specific person can use the hardware at a time.

Firmao has an option that allows for automatic product picking from ingredients – coffee beans + packaging, which automatically updates the warehouse document.

Callpage and Livechat on the user’s website provide new recipients who are automatically added to the system. The system also has the option of writing the so-called cold mailing.

In Firmao, an offer for customers is also issued, the appearance of the offer is adapted to the needs of a given company. After accepting the offer, a specific order is issued, which is sent to the customer by e-mail (an invoice is automatically created).

The coffee must be packed (sales reduce inventory) and shipped to the recipients. A courier company cooperating with a given company using the Firmao system receives an e-mail about the order to be processed.

After the shipment is completed, customers can enjoy a perfectly prepared order and wait for newsletters informing about new coffees.

The system makes managing the company a pleasure and you can focus on drinking coffee 🙂

10 health benefits of coffee

1. Coffee reduces stress

It has long been known that coffee has a therapeutic effect. Its very smell has a relaxing effect on us. Who does not like the morning smell of brewed coffee or the aroma of freshly ground beans, which then lingers in the kitchen for a long time. Definitely, the beneficial substances contained in this black drink stimulate our brain and reduce stress.

2. It reduces the risk of depression

Caffeine blocks the receptors in the brain that capture information about the body’s fatigue, so we have more energy and a smile appears on our face more often. In addition, two cups of coffee drunk daily are able to protect us from depression, which has become a civilization disease of the 21st century.

3. It improves blood circulation

Coffee has been proven to improve blood circulation. It has a positive effect on the work of the heart and blood vessels. Drinking coffee increases blood flow in the blood vessels by almost 30%. As a result, properly oxygenated cells are more efficient, and this improves the overall condition of our body.

4. Coffee helps with weight loss

Coffee has an extremely positive effect on metabolism – it improves intestinal peristalsis and can support slimming (small black). Does coffee itself make you slimmer? It certainly helps with that. It converts the calories that are supplied to the body through food into heat, instead of into adipose tissue.

5. It protects against cancer

Coffee is worth appreciating because it reduces the risk of cancer. This is due to the antioxidant content, but also its influence on the way sugars are broken down and the regulation of sex hormones. It is able to protect against aggressive cancer of the uterus and prostate gland.

6. Coffee contains antioxidants

Did you know that a cup of real black coffee has more antioxidants than a glass of fresh orange or grapefruit juice? Just like that! Antioxidants slow down the ageing process of the body by stopping the oxidation process in the cells of our body. In addition, coffee beans are used to create creams, lotions, masks and peels. Coffee infusion rejuvenates and firms the skin. Coffee peels are used to fight cellulite, and hair rinses are used to strengthen them.

7. Chronic from UV rays

Coffee was not created as a solution to a sunscreen cream, but it is worth drinking a strong little black one before going to the beach. Recycling substances in coffee protect our company from the harmful effects of the sun. Polyphenols, which are found in coffee beans, improve the appearance of our skin, reducing blemishes and improving skin tone.

8. It inhibits the development of caries

Until recently, people warned against the harmful effects of black coffee on teeth, and today its anti-caries properties are appreciated. Some types of coffee (robusta), drunk in reasonable amounts, are able to protect us from tooth decay. Its antibacterial properties are also valuable.

9. Coffee reduces the risk of diabetes

A 2009 study found that coffee reduced diabetes by 7%. That’s a lot if we consider that over 300 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes. Prophylaxis in this matter is necessary because diabetes is a civilization disease that can affect anyone. Just a cup of coffee a day is enough to reduce the risk of getting sick.

10. It protects against Parkinson’s disease

So far, no effective cure for Parkinson’s has been found, and as you know, it is a neurological disease that significantly reduces the quality of life. Now, thanks to coffee, you can effectively reduce the risk of contracting it by up to 60%. The key to success is one of the main ingredients in coffee – caffeine, which protects against Parkinson’s when taken regularly.

What is the relationship between coffee and Firmao employees?

In our office, we have access to many types of coffee, it can be prepared in many different ways, thanks to a machine that has coffee and brings out the best from it. Little goblet is loved by the development team that works on expanding the functionality of our CRM system. In the marketing team, however, there are people who prefer instant coffee and cannot imagine a day without coffee.

The company cares about its employees and customers visiting our office. On a day like today, we will surely all celebrate International Coffee Day together, using its best properties.

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