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Published: 23.05.23Management

In today’s interconnected world, effective communication is crucial for the success of any business. Seamless integration between different communication platforms can significantly enhance productivity and efficiency. In this blog post, we will explore the integration between Firmao and Zadarma, two powerful tools that, when combined, offer businesses a streamlined communication experience. The integration between Firmao and Zadarma is possible thanks to Zapier.

Zadarma: Empowering Communication Worldwide

Zadarma is a leading cloud communication platform that provides businesses with a comprehensive suite of voice and messaging services. With its global coverage and advanced features, Zadarma enables organizations to establish reliable and cost-effective communication channels with clients and team members across the globe.

Key Features of Zadarma

  • Virtual Phone Numbers: Obtain virtual phone numbers from over 100 countries, allowing businesses to establish a local presence and easily connect with customers worldwide.
  • Cloud PBX: Create a powerful and flexible virtual phone system to manage incoming and outgoing calls, voicemails, call routing, and more.
  • SIP Trunking: Integrate Zadarma’s SIP Trunking capabilities to enable Voice over IP (VoIP) communication, reducing costs and improving call quality.
  • Call Analytics: Access detailed call statistics, call recordings, and other analytics to gain insights into communication patterns and improve performance.
  • Webphone Widget: Embed Zadarma’s webphone widget into websites or applications, enabling visitors and users to make calls directly from the interface.

With this integration, users can…

  • Access Call History: View detailed call logs, call durations, and recordings within Firmao, allowing for better tracking of client communications and streamlined follow-ups.
  • Make Calls and Send SMS: Initiate calls and send SMS messages directly from Firmao using Zadarma’s telephony capabilities, eliminating the need to switch between different applications.
  • Automate Contact Syncing: Synchronize contacts between Firmao and Zadarma, ensuring that client information is up to date and readily available for efficient communication.
  • Create Click-to-Call Functionality: Implement click-to-call functionality within Firmao by integrating Zadarma’s webphone widget, enabling users to make calls with a single click.
  • Improve Collaboration: Facilitate better teamwork and collaboration by allowing team members to access and share call-related information within Firmao, enhancing efficiency and customer service.


Efficient and effective communication is a cornerstone of business success. By integrating Firmao’s business management capabilities with Zadarma’s comprehensive communication tools, businesses can streamline their workflows, enhance productivity, and provide a superior communication experience for both internal and external stakeholders.

The Firmao-Zadarma integration brings together the robust features of both platforms, allowing businesses to seamlessly manage their communication activities within the Firmao software. By accessing call history, making calls, and sending SMS messages directly from Firmao using Zadarma’s telephony capabilities, users can save time and effort by eliminating the need to switch between multiple applications.

Furthermore, the automated contact syncing feature ensures that client information remains up to date and readily accessible within Firmao, simplifying communication processes and avoiding any discrepancies in client data.

Connect Zadarma + Firmao

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