Screen Network – how the CRM system facilitated the daily work of traders

Published: 09.08.22Management
Screen Network - how the Firmao system facilitated the daily work of traders

Have you wondered how the management of a company changes with the Firmao system? Will introducing the system to your company really speed up your operations? See how work at Screen Network has improved after implementing the Firmao system.

From the following article you will learn, among other things, what functionalities are crucial in the daily work of a salesman with the system, and what makes work much more efficient with the Firmao system.

What is Screen Network’s business all about?

To begin with, it is worth characterizing the activities of the said company. What functionalities in the system are particularly useful largely depends on what the daily duties of the company in question are.

Screen Network is the market leader in Digital Out of Home, modern communication in urban spaces. They manage the country’s largest network (over 20,000 screens), which operate under a single, integrated IT system. Every day, the messages displayed on Screen Network’s screens reach more than 6 million people, reaching 6 out of 10 Poles who are away from home.

They specialize in implementing innovative, award-winning Digital OOH campaigns, large-format LED screens and curtains located in the centers of major cities, as well as screens in shopping malls, gyms, train stations or airports across the country.

Problems in the daily work of Screen Network salespeople

The client was looking for a system to organize the work of salespeople and make it easier for them to record contacts. Employees began entering customers and scheduling contacts with them in the form of tasks. It quickly became apparent that the salespeople were very eager to use the system, as it greatly accelerated the activities carried out in contacting customers.

How has the Firmao system improved Screen Network’s work?

They can use their time at work more efficiently because the system is easy to use. Scheduling the activities carried out with potential customers allows for greater efficiency in the form of time saved. Automation has been introduced to redistribute potential leads. It involves assigning a new salesman responsible for the contact, if the person responsible for the customer has not been in touch for a long time. The customer service process was significantly improved.

After some time, we received a notification regarding the need for detailed reporting of employees’ activities. Based on this, we introduced additional functionality to the program enabling the completion of goals for employees and sales targets set over time. As part of the additional changes, several reports have been prepared that pull data completed in the system by employees. They show the effectiveness of individual salespeople over a given period of time against the set plan. It displays both the percentage of plan completion, as well as exact figures at each stage of completion.

In addition, as part of the automation, each employee receives a daily report of their activities completed in the system. In addition, managers receive reports of their employees’ work, which allows them to react quickly in case of a drop in performance.

The implementation of the system has greatly facilitated the flow of information and the ability to monitor the performance of employees and the entire Screen Network company. And how will the Firmao system affect your company? What aspects of your company’s operations will be optimized? Which functionalities will prove crucial in the performance of your employees’ daily duties?

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