Brand purpose for a brand – how to create it?

Published: 25.02.23Marketing
Brand purpose for a brand - how to create it?

Brand purpose is the reason a brand exists beyond just making a profit. It is the higher calling that guides a brand’s decisions and actions, and it is what sets it apart from its competitors. A clear brand purpose can help to build brand loyalty and drive business success. Here’s how to create a brand purpose for your brand:

Define Your Values

Start by defining the values that are important to your brand. These values should be authentic and meaningful to your business, and they should guide your decisions and actions. Consider the impact your brand wants to have on the world and how your values can contribute to that impact.

Identify Your Audience

Next, identify your target audience and consider their needs, desires, and values. Think about how your brand can provide value to your audience beyond just your products or services. This can help to build a deeper connection between your brand and your audience.

Determine Your Impact

Consider the impact your brand wants to have on the world. This can be a social or environmental impact, or it can be a contribution to a particular cause or issue. Determine how your brand can make a positive difference and how that impact aligns with your values and your audience’s needs.

Craft Your Brand Purpose Statement

Craft a clear and concise brand purpose statement that communicates your values, audience, and impact. Your brand purpose statement should be authentic, inspiring, and easy to understand. It should guide your brand’s decisions and actions and communicate what sets your brand apart from its competitors.

Communicate Your Brand Purpose

Once you have a clear brand purpose statement, it’s important to communicate it to your audience. This can be done through your marketing and advertising campaigns, your website, social media, and other communication channels. Use your brand purpose to build a deeper connection with your audience and to show them how your brand can make a positive impact.


Creating a brand purpose is an important part of building a strong brand identity. By defining your values, identifying your audience, determining your impact, crafting a brand purpose statement, and communicating your brand purpose, you can create a higher calling that guides your brand’s decisions and actions. A clear brand purpose can help to build brand loyalty, drive business success, and make a positive difference in the world.

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