CRM for advertising agencies

Advertising agencies are companies whose success is largely based on maintaining good relations with customers. At each stage of the advertising campaign, you need to communicate, verify assumptions and be open to suggestions. As a result, there are... read more

How to improve relations with customers?

Good relations with customers are the basic condition for a successful company. It is thanks to the clients that the company brings profits, and negative relations may not only disturb business contacts, but also lead to the breakdown of cooperation and,... read more

CRM in micro-enterprises

As we know, the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises in our country commonly uses IT solutions, especially in the case of warehouse management and invoicing. Nevertheless, far fewer entrepreneurs use more specialized tools such as CRM. As we... read more

Ways to increase e-commerce sales

Consumers can get discouraged very quickly. If the execution of the order is too complicated or something distracts the customer, the purchase may not be completed. Occasionally, certain blockages prevent consumers from purchasing - for example, the... read more

SEO – step by step

Positioning of websites is activities aimed at increasing the visibility of a website in search results. In many countries, the only significant internet search engine at present is the Google search engine. Monthly, it is used by over 20 million users,... read more

How to use social media in business?

Currently, the most powerful tool in the world among all social media is Facebook. Companies willingly use this method of communication. Exactly communication in both ways. Entrepreneurs publish their images, posts, longer texts, videos and thus reach... read more

CRM system tasks

The main task of the CRM system is to build and maintain good relations with the client. However, as an open and advanced platform to handle even the most complex tasks, the system has a whole range of options to perform many operations. CRM -... read more

The most common Facebook ad problems

Facebook ads click poorly, are expensive, and worse, don't sell? Do you probably think that Facebook Ads only helps you show yourself and build brand awareness among users? Well, nothing could be more wrong. Facebook sells well, and you only need to know... read more

Cyber Security Month 2021

October is the Cyber Security Month. The initiative is organized by the European Cybersecurity Agency (ENISA) and the European Commission. In Poland, for the ninth time the campaign is coordinated by the NASK National Research Institute (NASK-PIB). For... read more