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CRM - customer relationship management

Managing sales opportunities from various sources (Mailing, Cold Calling, Live Chat, Google Ads, FB, Callback) in one place. CRM client relationship management system. Download CRM software. Sales processes. Data integration software. Conversion control at each stage of the sales funnel.

Timesheets, tasks, projects

Keeping records of the working time of employees and subcontractors. Assigning, implementing, and accounting for the profitability of tasks and projects. Kanban and Gantt diagrams. Remote work management software as well as an employee tracker software. Costing of projects.


Easily issue invoices for the customers with customer management software. Customize the appearance of invoices as needed. Printing invoices or sending them by Email. Recurring billing management software and subscription billing platforms. Automation of debt collection, issuing, and sending invoices..

Marketing - generating leads

Obtaining leads from multiple sources. Email campaigns. The best Call Centre software. Cold calling campaigns (with the use of CRM phone VoIP services, cloud calling software and calls tracking software). Livechat and Callback module for your company’s website. Leads visiting the website. Landing Pages that are integrated with the sales opportunities module.

ERP - production, warehouses

Price lists of the company's products and/or services. Orders for the production of products from components. Software for inventory control and inventory softwares. Warehouse management (LIFO, FIFO). Stock documents (GIN, GRN). Stock levels’ records and their history.

Processes - workflow of tasks, invoices and documents

Designing optimal sales processes, tasks, and project execution. Workflow of documents and invoices. Fleet tracking software. Automation of the company's work thanks to an easy definition of business rules.


On behalf of Eco Instal, I would like to recommend cooperation with Firmao. The modules that we use are: customer contact module, warehouse module. We use the technical support provided by the software provider. The system is recommendable. We have been using this product since 2016 and we intend to continue this cooperation because the system contains many functions that allow to significantly improve the service of our company.
Jacek Gunther-Śląski
Jacek Gunther-Slaski
CEO of ECO Install
When I started my business four years ago, I carefully scanned the market for online CRM programs. My choice fell on Firmao, because in my opinion their interface was the most intuitive, and the possibility of individual modification of the program made it possible to adjust its functionality to our needs. After 4 years of using Firmao, I am convinced that this software will be an important part of the further development of our company.
Mateusz Pietrzak
Mateusz Pietrzak
We are pleased to recommend cooperation with Firmao Polska Sp. z o.o. As a creative marketing agency, we know that speed and dynamics in cooperation with the client are key. SEO and SEM activities are associated with constant changes and making quick decisions, which is why it is so important to adjust the software to the needs of Scorise.
Michał Toczyski
Michal Toczyski
CEO of Scorise

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