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Project management and working schedules software for your business



Firmao will allow you to organize activities in your company, which will improve its functioning and communication between departments and employees.
Google Calendar Synchronization

Organize your work schedule easily thanks to the bilateral synchronization of Firmao with Google calendar.

Create and check work schedule

Compare the actual activities performed by employees with those planned.

Monitor costs and revenues

Control planned costs and revenues based on the time the employee spent on the task

Work times in Firmao

Check work times easily

No longer have to worry about calculating the working hours of employees. Easily do it in our system. Check how many hours your employee has worked on a given day, week, month or year by only one click. If an employee performs a given task, not by following per under previously scheduled work time, a pop-up appears with an alert reminding him to change the task.

Tasks in Firmao

Manage tasks freely

Create tasks for yourself and your employees, assign them appropriate statuses and priorities so that it is clear in which order to perform them. Plan when the task will be completed and our system will provide that your employee remembers it. Create a Gantt chart and visualize the project schedule.

Projects' costs

Analyze project costs readily

Group tasks and set access privileges for them by assigning tasks to projects. Assign the project to customers, business partners, managers or employees. Decide for yourself whether they have full or limited access to it. Analyze company's costs related to the implementation of all tasks included in the project using costing, which is located in the "Finance" tab.

Reports in Firmao

Increase business productivity

Generate pdf reports, use defined filters and monitor the data contained in them. Save the resulting reports in any formats such as xls, odt or cvs and many others. Freely select and edit report templates, fully adapting them to your individual needs. Record the time spent on individual projects and easily conduct cost analysis in your company, which will increase its efficiency.


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