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Dedicated software


When we talk about a dedicated software, we mean applications specifically designed for an individual enterprise. They show, first of all, the most important assumptions of the company's activity, but also the possibilities at its disposal, thanks to which the potential of the tool is used to its maximum extent. They are often a separate software for a specific department or the entire activity, and sometimes they are an addition enriching the existing system with specific solutions.

In order to obtain a perfectly matched dedicated software, it is necessary to closely cooperate with the client for whom it is created. Each detail can affect what the final product will look like, whether in the form of an independent software or a module for existing systems. Our offer includes primarily online tools - they are installed on Amazon's servers, guaranteeing the best stability.

Box system or dedicated software?

Considering the fact that there are many companies on the market today that offer various types of company management software, including CRM, it is reasonable to ask - is it better to choose an application that was created for the needs of a specific company, or a more practical solution? There is a selection of ready-made solutions, the so-called box systems. Let's compare both of these tools:

  • at the beginning, dedicated software may struggle with errors, which are usually already fixed in the ready-made software, but thanks to the constant support of the provider, they can be dealt with quickly;
  • as the name suggests - dedicated software is created with a specific company in mind, so all solutions will be used in a given company. In the case of boxed systems, some elements may be missing, and others may turn out to be completely useless from the customer's perspective;
  • ready-made programs are usually cheaper than specifically prepared applications, but thanks to the perfect adaptation to individual requirements, intuitive mechanisms and the use of the full potential of a personalized tool result in a quick payback.

Features of dedicated systems

As we already know, dedicated software is a tool tailored to specific requirements of the company. What are its features, can still be distinguished?

  • The level of advancement of the application can be adjusted to employees, making it easier and more intuitive to use; it is also associated with a much simpler implementation in the company;
  • Support for customers who opt for this solution is usually much wider than in the case of ready, boxed systems;
  • A personalized application can also function as a module adapted to the software currently existing in the enterprise; So it does not work "instead of", but "together"; it is also easier to connect to company-owned databases and networks;
  • Usually there are no user limits - the system can be used by as many employees as there are currently authorized to use it;
  • This type of solution can also be developed almost freely, adding new functions and changing the existing ones; this also includes the interface design, so that it can be e.g. simplified if necessary.

Dedicated software from Firmao

Many years of experience in the industry, as well as thousands of users and another million tasks that we have performed, make us reliable partners who will provide the highest quality dedicated software. If you are looking for an ideal "tailor-made" solution for your enterprise, then when you decide to cooperate with us, you can be sure that you will get it. At the stage of the conversation with the client, we always strive to fully understand his expectations regarding the application - we listen and ask, wanting to create a tool whose potential will help to manage the company more effectively. We can create a module for the existing system, as well as an independent software, thanks to which all activities related to the functioning of the company, including contact with customers, can be monitored on an ongoing basis.


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