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In the era of widespread digitalization it is hard to imagine any institution or company operating without computer hardware. For many years, special software for companies has also been available on the market, thanks to which they can operate more easily. ERP systems, in most cases, are nowadays an indispensable element that allows the enterprise to operate without any problems. They enable the creation of an integrated information base regarding all data - from those related to customers to stock levels.

Due to the wide interconnection, these applications not only provide information about the issuance and receipt of goods, but can also automatically inform about running out of resources. There are also ideal tools for accounting offices, including invoice generators. Therefore, if you want to manage your company more efficiently, you should reach for the best solution possible.

Why a business management software?

Transparency of tasks and processes taking place in the company is important in the proper running of the company. Organized databases, including stock levels as well as human resources and accounting documents guarantee full control over all events that occur in the company. Thus, by logging into the system, you can quickly find out when it is necessary to take care of the delivery of a new product or which rooms in the hotel will be free on a given date. It is also easy to pass the order to the restaurant's kitchen.

However, managing current tasks is not everything - a modern ERP system also gives an insight into the history of events and processes taking place in the company. Therefore there is no need to store documents in physical archives - it is enough to refer to digital data from several years ago. Due to the fact that the proposed solutions are available online (including the cloud with data), you do not have to worry about the potential modernization of the equipment and the loss of information stored in it - everything is available for you on the Internet. Ultimately, thanks to the additional tools offered by modern company management software, you can use data from previous months or years to quickly analyze the results.

Advantages of a software use for companies

There are many benefits that can be achieved if you choose to implement ERP systems. Among them we can mention:
  • speed of information exchange - all data on changes in the stock, reservations, as well as business notes or other documents can be entered into the system. Thanks to which they become automatically available to all authorized employees;
  • ease of use - each user of such software can easily use the provided tool and get accustomed with its operation mechanisms;
  • intuitive interface - a well-designed application means that there is no need for a long-term training in using it;
  • actions on mobile devices - the programs we present do not require classic implementation - they are available online, so they can be operated from almost any browser, including those on mobile devices used to manage the warehouse.

Implementation of the system in a trading company

The retail sector makes the most use of the opportunities offered by ERP software. It allows you to track the amount of goods in the store on an ongoing basis, as well as automatically sending orders to the warehouse before products whose quantity is running out will be completely sold out.

A great advantage is also the ability to monitor the sales of individual products - you can clearly define which of them enjoy more interest from customers and which don’t. Most importantly - such a system is used not only to run one outlet, but also to comprehensively manage entire retail chains. Due to the fact that these software can be equipped with a CRM module, you can easily manage customer relationships providing them with solutions that they expect from a given company.

Accounting software

Usually, managing invoices, keeping all settlements including HR is associated with the painstaking work of the accounting department. Meanwhile, thanks to the accounting module, which offers comprehensive financial management and all related documentation. Thanks to online training, you can easily get to know the tool that allows you to instantly generate invoices, tax forms and other documents. Many options are also automated, such as depreciation of fixed assets. On the other hand, this application also allows you to keep track of the company's financial liquidity, including arrears with payments from customers. In addition, the user receives access to statements and charts, graphically presenting the situation from different periods.

Why is it worth choosing the Firmao system?

Our company has been providing advanced management systems for over a decade. We have been trusted by many entrepreneurs from around the world who have chosen a professional online tool to run their business. They distinguish us from other companies:

  • innovative solutions that improve company management in practically every aspect. The online system we offer has various modules that extend its functionality;
  • software applications, including:
    • facilitating customer relationship management (CRM),
    • timesheets to track the progress of tasks and projects,
    • invoicing of an order, creating offers, ready to be sent electronically to potential contractors,
    • easing production and warehouse management,
    • supporting fast and effective HR accounting and Payroll levels,
    • integrating many services, including those provided, for example Google, as well as online sales platforms into one convenient tool,
  • creating ERP applications in close cooperation with our customers, therefore we can constantly improve our tool and provide entrepreneurs who use our services - with even higher quality;
  • guarantee of support, including not only online training in using the provided tool but also in the form of constant software updates or ad hoc assistance related to the use of the application;
  • highly accessible and intuitive software that can be easily used by the least qualified employees;
  • no need to install systems on your hardware - access to the proposed tools is possible from the level of any browser; however, we can also provide installation on customer's internal servers.

When you decide to cooperate with us, you choose experienced professionals who provide the best solutions on the market. You take care of your company, we take care of an advanced tool. Thanks to which you can easily control all processes taking place in your company from the level of your work computer or a smartphone. We want the customer to receive exactly what he expects - comprehensive support for the IT system that we provide to companies from various industries.

Thanks to us, you get a great warehouse management software that can also create invoices, correct and fasten the document circulation in your company, as well as accounting management. This facilitates not only the efficient management of CRM, while streamlining the offerings, but also the overall management of the business from the very bottom to the top. Modern ERP software is also a market advantage over other companies, regardless of the industry in which you operate.

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Our comprehensive services in the field of ERP and CRM solutions delivery result with a strong emphasis on a close cooperation with our customers. This allows us to constantly modernize the software available and provide opportunities to companies from various industries.

If you have any doubts about the system and its individual modules, please use the chat below on the website or contact our employees by e-mail or by phone. We will be happy to answer every question, convincing you that these modules guarantee fully stable and safe operation of every company. You can also take advantage of the free trial period to find out for yourself about the advantages of these solutions.


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