CRM Integration with virtual VoIP switchboards

Firmao is integrated with Simplisity and Otelafrica services. It is perfect solution eg. for call center.

Integration functionalities:

  • Initiating call with chosen customer by 1 click on phone number saved in Firmao
  • Viewing detailed customer data in case of incoming call
  • Billings with information regarding customer and company employee
  • Access to recorded calls stored in *.wav files from Firmao
  • Configuring phone greetings (IVR) for incoming calls
  • Full CRM integration
  • Virutal VoIP switchboard is:
    • Virtual VoIP switchboard is available immediately without spending money on hardware
    • Virtual sales department or contact center ready to work in few minutes
    • Free and fast transition of actual phone numbers
    • Wide range of easy to remember numbers from any country or area code
    • Highest quality of connection with Voice HD technology
    • Lowest connection rates on market
    • Professional automatic phone greetings for incoming calls
    • Easy to setup internal tone dialling system IVR
    • Unlimited amount of internal and external phone numbers
    • Automatic recording of phone calls
    • Easy expense control thanks to available at anytime phone call history
    • Awaiting call queues and conference calls
    • Redirecting calls to mobile phones
    • Automatic voicemail sending records straight to email address
    • Virtual Fax2Mail