Free online invoicing

Firmao online invoicing system allows for efficient service of actions related with issuing, archiving and supervision of payments of VAT invoices and company bills.

Online invoicing module functionalities:

  • Issuing and archiving of sale and purchase invoices for products and services
  • Any kind of document can be invoiced:
    • VAT invoice
    • Invoice correction
    • Margin invoice
    • Advance invoice
    • Proforma invoice
    • Bill
    • Receipt
  • Full integration with stock management system more
  • Conversion of PROFORMA to VAT invoices
  • Database of suppliers and reveivers - integration with Firmao CRM
  • Searching and browsing of issued invoices
  • Fiscal printer integration (contact us)
  • Monthly transaction reports and charts.
  • Transaction data access only to authorised users: administrators and salespeople
  • Alerts system - reminders of incoming and exceeded payment dates
  • Customisation of documents by placing company logo on them
  • Edition of invoice templates
  • Uploading files
  • Adding own custom data fields
  • Reminders of dates
  • Unlimited amount of transactions and issued invoices!!!
  • Bids and orders more