8 $
per every user
15 $
per every user
30 $
per every user
No installation fee
TMS - tasks and projects, work times
CRM - customer relationship management
FAM - assets management and tracking
OIS - VAT invoices, bills
No limitations regarding users, projects, tasks, invoices, customers etc.
Flexible selection of licenses (PRO/ENT/ELITE) for each user
Customer groups (maximum amount of groups assigned to customer) 1 group 1 group 10 groups
API access 30$* 30$* 30$*
Free tech support
Reports: PDF, Excel, CSV
Encrypted connection - SSL/TLS (https)
Data import
Saveable filters
High performance servers
Bids and offerst
Stock documents
Simple costs estimates
Custom data fields regarding tasks, projects, customers etc.
E-mail integration
Attachments (storing files, GB limit per license) 2GB 10GB
Automatic updates for users about new tasks, emails and reminders
Gantt chart
Editable PDF, Excel, CSV reports
Serial data changes
Editable invoice, offers, bids etc. reports
Automatic creation of customers and contacts from emails
Automatic creation of tasks from emails
VoIP integration
Advanced costs estimates contact us
Detailed sales reports
Products variations
Multiple bank accounts
Tracking status of sent email messages
Start using Register now and try
for free for 14 days
Register now and try
for free for 14 days
Register now and try
for free for 14 days

Paid version allows for unrestricted choice of licenses assigned to users from PROFFESIONAL, ENTERPRISE and ELITE.

* payment for API access is equal to price for 1 ELITE user. 1 company account can have access to 1 API account, apart from amount of users.

Detailed pricelist depending on subscription time :

Version subscription for 1 month subscription for 3 months subscription for 6 months subscription for 12 months
PROFESSIONAL 16$ net/month 13$ net/month 10$ net/month 7$ net/month
ENTERPRISE 23$ net/month 20$ net/month 18$ net/month 15$ net/month
ELITE 45$ net/month 40$ net/month 35$ net/month 30$ net/month

Costs given above are all expenses connected with using Firmao software installed on our servers.

In case of will to install Firmao on own server, there's necessity to buy On-Premise licence. On-Premise licence does not have monthly fees for users, however it has initial payment.

Pricelist of version installed on client's own server (functionality of ELITE version):

1 server (On-Premise) Price
1-10 users 4 500$ net/server
11-20 users 7 000$ net/server
21-30 users 8 500$ net/server
31-50 users 10 000$ net/server
51-100 users 12 500$ net/server
over 100 users contact us

Prices don't include tax. We issue invoices.