Tasks and projects management, Gantt chart

Tasks management and work time module allows for efficient assignment of tasks between employees, planning and supervision of projects realisation - i.e. it helps to run so called managing by tasks.

  • Projects management in Firmao has following features:
    • Multilevel task hierarchy - ability to split projects into tasks and subtasks
    • Flexible tasks model - gathering them into projects
    • Gantt chart - graphical representation of projects schedules
      • Tasks predecessors and successors
      • Automatic calculation of tasks realisation order
      • Automatic calculation of beginning and end dates
    • Automatic calculation of realisation costs of tasks and projects
    • Complex user access permissions managent regarding projects
    • Complex tasks access management (among other on projects level))
    • Full integration with work time tracking modulestart using
    • Full integration with other system services and modules
    • Defining statuses, priorities and required deadlines of tasks
    • Automatic designation of task status based on subtasks statuses
    • Assignment of tasks access permissions on company, project, tasks, subtask level
    • Assignment of unlimited users to task
    • Creating any custom data fields, specific for your company, related to tasks and projects
    • Supervising tasks realisation statuses
    • Task changelog, restoring deleted tasks
    • Automatic notifications about changes
    • Editable task display filters
    • Complex report system with advanced filtering

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