CRM and ERP integration. Native with Firmao. Interview made by easyCRM.

Published: 25.10.22Management
CRM and ERP integration. Native with Firmao. Interview made by easyCRM.

easyCRM, a small company focused on helping medium and small businesses in getting the best from their CRM, created an interview about Firmao – about the purpose of the system, our history and plans for the future. Check out below!

Company History

Rafał Namieciński and Artur Młodziński, two long-time friends, spotted the need for CRM and ERP integration within Polish businesses. And, in 2010, they decided to embark on the challenge of creating a CRM natively integrated with an ERP. This CRM has been designed to help SMEs keep track of leads and clients, but also to plan and track the company’s most valuable resources. For this reason the Firmao’s value proposition was based on flexibility from the very beginning: the software should adapt to the needs of the company, not the other way around.

Antonio Specchia question: “What is your CRM intended for?”

Rafal Namieciński answers: “Using Firmao’s CRM and ERP, users can easily register every piece of data connected with a particular customer. Collecting everything from phone calls, emails, and notes to meeting times and log-in minutes – all in one place. Users can set up meetings, tasks and deadlines in a clear calendar tool, keeping them focused on their tasks, not on administrative issues. Why bother with sticky notes, or worse, remembering certain information about customers? Instead, salespeople can keep track of their daily duties by setting reminders and notifications whenever they need. Assigning a responsible manager to a project, business partner or a client enables them to look after task management in a holistic way, just what organisations increasingly need. The purpose? To promote efficient management of timetables, planning duties, project milestones and assignments. Then ultimately, to benefit from an intuitive ERP tool to keep connected sales outputs and invoicing, resource utilisation and balance sheet. 

Best of all, Firmao is a collaborative CRM. Users can communicate directly with each other internally, using the chat feature, tracking messages into projects or tasks easily and in a timely manner. All improving effectiveness by having each passage tracked for a clear management process.”

Antonio Specchia question: “What are Firmao’s key features?”

Rafal Namieciński answers: “I believe there is nothing worse for business than the lack of organisation, so we focused on creating software for small and medium-sized companies, those who need a comprehensive CRM system solution with ERP functionalities. A native CRM and ERP integration means not just invoicing, timesheets, live chat and callbacks, but also a fully integrated resource planning and relationship management tools, to create easy-to-use process management where each element can be adjusted to suit client needs.”

Antonio Specchia question: “What inspired the idea to create another piece of CRM software?”

Rafal Namieciński answers: “We wanted to create a CRM software that was agile, flexible, and encouraged single-system use throughout a company. With Polish IT specialists as good as any other around the world – we had the capability to manage it, and go toe to toe with other CRM providers.”

Antonio Specchia question: “What stage is your company at now?”

Rafal Namieciński answers: After 12 years on the market, we have stabilised our position as the Number 1 Polish CRM system. with over 90,000 users. Our biggest challenge ahead is to break through into foreign markets, where we are seeing increasing success – winning 5 awards; including ‘More than a CRM’ in 2021’, ‘Most satisfied users’ and the ‘Fastest growing CRM in Q1 of 2022. In an era of widespread digitization, and artificial intelligence on the horizon to enable smarter interactions in terms of sales, service and marketing – the future of CRM is bright. With Firmao we want to continue to grow and expand our possibilties.”

Antonio Specchia question: “What sets Firmao apart from your competitors?”

Rafal Namieciński answers: “First and foremost, our customers appreciate our flexible approach, which makes us reliable partners, especially when paired with many years of experience. Put simply, we have in-depth conversations with customers up front to make sure we can deliver not only an advanced system, but primarily a tailor-made management service. Firmao’s modular structure makes it easy to adapt and integrate specific needs and services with intuitive software designed to improve company management across the board, with support always available. On top of that, we assess our cloud technology to be very stable and secure, because we strongly care about data security, even more than the basic GDPR requirements.”

Antonio Specchia question: “What do you believe the CRM market is looking for?”

Rafal Namieciński answers: “I believe that the best way to do business is to focus on yourself and your results in the ‘here and now’, but also adapting to what the customer is searching for too. Firstly, something useful that helps people in their daily business – like managing their customer base easily, with automation options to maximise sales opportunities. Since starting Firmao, I have discovered that great successes don’t necessarily fall from the sky. Instead, businesses should take small steps towards pre-set goals – which is why our software is designed to help turn aims into reality, whether that’s increasing sales volume, ensuring efficiency in client contact or customer service you can rely on. Our job is to make sure our users fulfil their needs, every time.”

Antonio Specchia question: “Last question for you Rafal. You as CEO and Artur as CTO seem a good recipe for success. You’re not planning to split anytime soon, are you?”

Rafal Namieciński answers: “Oh no, not at all. Instead, we are even closer today. The tremendous challenge to set up a company – something that nobody really foresees when starting – made us fight, but also created a strong common ground to move on and achieve the next milestone together. We take care of our team in pairs and everyone in the company is part of the family. We fight, yes, because passion makes people commit themselves in what they do, and we love what we do. But thanks for asking, Artur and myself are now in a very good place to take the business overseas.

Author Avatar Rafał Namieciński

Chief Executive Officer. Sets the direction of Firmao's development. Under his leadership, Firmao CRM has become one of the leading CRM systems in Poland. On the blog, he shares thoughts on the latest CRM industry trends, offers tips on implementing and using CRM systems.

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