How does the CRM program work?

The CRM program is mainly used as a database to improve the management of customer information and use it to optimize the operation of the enterprise. The system also supports the effective and efficient sale of goods and services, enables the... read more

Which marketing tools to use?

Every company starts with the marketing communication methods that they are most familiar with. Perhaps the competition uses them, or perhaps because "everyone does it". It happens that we choose the marketing tool we feel most comfortable with. If we... read more

7 most important benefits of CRM software

The customer relationship management system exceeds the bounds of handling a business and its closely related aspects. CRM helps businesses to build a close-knit relation with their existing customers, find new customers as well as win back former... read more

The 4C concept – what is it?

Although the 4P formula has a strong basis, it has started to fail over time. All because the market of goods and services has changed significantly over the years and nowadays is completely dominated by the consumer. Therefore, a new model was... read more

How to manage a team?

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What does it mean to be SMART?

The name SMART is an acronym for five words: specific, measurable, attractive, realistic, timely defined. In addition, the word "smart" means clever. So, it is a method of formulating "smart" goals so that there are more chances of achieving them. At... read more